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  • Winner Battle Of The Psychics On STV News

    “STV News support after June Field from Scotland won the title,taking 50% of the votes after participating in International Battle of the Psychics in Kiev, Ukraine where she lived for 6 months.”

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  • New Column For Worlds Greatest Psychic

    June Field was invited and accepted the wonderful privilege of providing Readings for the 100’s of 1000’s of readers of “The Sunday Post”

  • Winner Battle Of The Psychics Series 11 – International Psychic Challenge

    I was awarded by Audience SMS Vote as the Winner of the Reality TV Show “Bitva Ekstrasensiv – Apokalypsis” filmed in Kiev Ukraine.

  • My Favorite Painting

    My father was a good artist and painted many pictures during my childhood and I was always attracted to this one of the “Bridge”… I was always drawn to it and asked my dad, “when you die, can I have this picture?” … He said yes and as I didn’t think the time would come that my dad would leave me, I felt it was a long long time away..

  • Battle Of The Psychics in Kiev Ukraine

    This was a live reading, shortly after I arrived in Kiev.

    I was providing information during a task on the TV Show “Bitva Eckstrasensiv” (Battle Of The Psychics)


When my husband of 39 years suddenly and unexpectedly left this life, I and my children were devastated. Clifford was a man you could describe as "larger than life" and had a wonderful, witty sense of humour. Some months later, at a public forum with June, he came through, commenting that my son, who was there, was wearing his dad's belt, a fact that no one else was aware of.

Linda Smith,


You are a very special person with a caring loving heart and a most beautiful warm smile. Since we met you have been a great inspiration to me and most of all you have helped me to open a door and given me the knowledge and confidence to walk through. Love always

Elspeth (development class in Shetland)

June Field Spiritual Bridge Builder / International Medium

Resident Psychic of “The Sunday Post” Newspaper

“The loss of a loved one does not mean the end. The essence of my Spiritual Process is to work towards transforming any experience of grief and in partnership with Spirit, enable them to see the view from the other side of the bridge.”

"Helping People By Contacting The Souls Around Them"

June Field travels Worldwide offering her services to those in need.