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Rumor, also known as Sarah Joyce “Bless you..June.. thank you.”www.LiverRadio.co.uk invited me to do mystery celebrity readings “live on air” and Rumor who was in California at the time took part.. What a lovely girl with the world at her feet.. Go girl!

Katie Robbins actress/comedian said “I loved what you said, it was very resinant with me, very very interesting indeed! Thank you”www.LiverRadio.co.uk invited me to read celebrities “live on air” and the lovely talented versatile Katie Robbins was one of them… She enjoyed her reading.. T

Owen Paul, singer/musician/song writer “Thank you very much for that. That was great. You were bang on when you said I oicked up a glass!! within a milllisecond!!! Very good!!.” www.LiverRadio.co.uk invited me to do “live on air” readings for mystery celebrities. I was very lucky to speak to Owen Paul.. He was pleased.. Lovely Scottish guy.

Quote “Thanks for a fantastic reading! She’s great. A really good reading. June gave me a brilliant reading live on radio. Some of the facts were so true I was shocked.!!!” Claire Sweeney. Www.LiverRadio.co.uk invited me to do “live on air” readings to mystery celebrities. Claire Sweeney was one of them. A lovely lady who was very pleased with the reading and gave me positive praise. The reading can be heard under June Live on website. Thank you Claire.

My Weekly Magazine - Psychic Celebrity Readings

Read for the lovely Natalie J Robb (aka as Moira Dingle from Emmerdale). It was great to meet her at ITV Studios where she took me into the canteen and I met more of the cast!