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Jane Mcdonald - Singer/Songwriter

Another lovely catch up with Jane in Perth, Scotland after a great performance at Perth Theatre.

Derek Jacobi - Actor/Producer

Had the great pleasure of interacting and spending some time with with Derek Jacobi - actor/producer. A lovely kind Gentleman.

Palm Springs - Emmy Award Winner - Lisa Love

Had the great pleasure to to a Private Reading for Lisa Love - Make Up Artist - Emmy Award Winner (worked on The Terminator) in Palm Springs, Ca. A very talented, sensitive lady.

Gary Numan - Popstar/ singer/ songwriter/ musician

I was invited to attend Gary Numan’s Card certainly with full orchestra at The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow and it was fabulous!! I also want backstage to conduct a Private Reading for him. A very selfless, humble, gentle man with a bucket load of talent!

Gemma Numan

Had the pleasure of reading Gemma Numan backstage at The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow during Gary’s tour. She is indeed a wonderfully warm, kind hearted lady.

Had a lovely fun catch up with Gaynor Faye aka Megan from Emmerdale.

Jane McDonald / Singer/songwriter/producer

Had the pleasure of ‘Reading’ the lovely talented Jane McDonald at my home. She is not only talented but full of fun!! What a great sense of humour.!

Party celebrations in Glasgow to celebrate Ross King’s MBE

A wonderful time had by all in Glasgow at Ross King’s celebration party after he received an MBE from Her Majesty The Queen. A special surprise guest was Jason Donovan who sang a couple of songs for us all! Well done Ross!!

Horse McDonald - Singer/Songwriter

Had the pleasure of meeting Scottish Singer/Singwriter Horse McDonald when she attended one of my Glasgow shows. Lovely Scottish lady.

Actress/Comedianne- Helen Lederer

Met up with the lovely Helen Lederer in London for a catch up! Funny lady!

Helen Lederer - Comedianne/Actress/Author

Lovely morning spent catching up at my home with funny lady Helen Lederer before her “One Woman” shows commence at The Edinburgh Fringe.

Leonardo Borucci - Footballer - Juventus & Italy - Best Centre Back in the Worlds 11

Met Leonardo at The FIFA Awards after party in London .. a very friendly down to earth guy.

FIFA Awards 2017 - London

Had the pleasure of meeting David Seaman MBE - Arsenal & England Footballer at the FIFA Awards after party in Aqua in London. His lovely wife Frankie Poultney from dancing on ice accompanied him and took the snapshot.. lovely couple..

Actress/Singer - Claire Sweeney

Wonderful to catch up with the fabulous Claire Sweeney in London.

Gianni Infantino - President of FIFA.

What a friendly, polite gentleman.. we met and chatted at the after party of the FIFA Awards in London. My favourite man of the evening...

Layla Anna-Lee co-host FIFA Awards - London Palladium 2017

The co-host of the FIFA Awards in London. Complimented her on her professionalism when the World’s Best 11 Players exited that stage wrongly and she had to keep talking live until it was corrected! Well done Layla!

Pat Jennings OBE - Goalkeeper - Northern Ireland & Tottenham

This is what happens when you have a very tall person and a very short person in a selfie!! Met at the FIFA Awards after party in London.

Sean Dyche - Manager of Burnley FC.

Met Sean at the after party of the FIFA Awards in London. Grea5 sense of humour.. nice guy.

Michael O’Neill - Northern Ireland Football Manager

Chatted to Micheal at the FIFA Awards after party in London’s Aqua nightclub. He was a very relaxed, easygoing, polite guy.

KASABIAN - Lead singer Sergio Bizzorno

KASABIAN - played at the London Live FIFA Awards.. we met and chatted at the after party where he admired my jacket and said it was the best in the place!! He was a kind funny guy.

Carli Lloyd - FIFA World’s Best Player & Olympic Gold Medallist

Met this lovely lady at the after party of the FIFA Awards in London.. glamorous lady and fantastic athlete.

FIFA Awards - After party at Aqua nightclub - London

Had a great laught with this lovely guy after I admired his Louboutin training shoes!! Cool!!

James Cosmo - Actor - Braveheart/Game of Thrones / Owen Paul - 80's Popstar/Singer/Songwriter

A lovely dinner in London with great Company... what a fun night!

Susan Boyle / Singer/Actress

Whilst I was demonstrating in Bathgate I gave a contact to a lady in the audience who turned out to be Susan Boyle... Lovely lady who came backstage afterwards for a chat.

Helen Lederer / Actress/Author/Comedienne

Had a lovely catch up with Helen Lederer in London.. always fun!!

Owen Paul - 80's Popstar/ Singer/Songwriter

Had a lovely evening with Owen in London ... we don't often get the chance of a catch up with our busy schedules so it's always a treat to get together!

Bill Rieflin - Musician - R.E.M/King Crimson

Caught up with Bill in UK for a few days during rehearsals before the King Crimson band embarked on their USA tour..

King Crimson

Had the pleasure of attending the friends and family private performance of King Crimson in April 2017 in Bedford before their USA tour begins.. I am pictures here with guitarist and singer of the group Jakko Jakszyk.

Jon Smith / First Artist / Celebrity Agent

It was such a pleasure meeting and reading for Jon Smith. A very easy going character who is full of life!

Paul Young /Singer/ 80's Popstar

80's pop icon Paul Young is very tall and in this photo he is bending down but I am still very small!! Lovely gentleman. It was a pleasure to spend some time with him.

Jane McDonald/Singer & actress

Had the pleasure of reading for Jane McDonald. She not only has a beautiful voice but is a lovely spiritual soul. We sat for a couple of hours having a chat and tea after the reading... what a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Toyah Willcox & Robert Fripp

Caught up with some lovely friends today.. Always a pleasure to spend some time with this lovely couple.

Leo Sayer/Singer/Musician

Leo Sayer brings back so many memories to many with his wonderful music.. Such a great talent and a lovely man too.

Tony Hadley/Singer/Musician - Spandou Ballet

What you see is what you get with Tony as he is an extremely relaxed individual who is totally comfortable within his own skin.. Nice friendly guy too!

My Weekly Magazine write up about me prior to my readings for a celebrity every week.

The My Weekly Magazine asked me to do some celebrity readings to see what's ahead of them in the coming months... The first reading is Natalie J Robb .. This week it's about my story first ..

Had the pleasure of working with Toyah when she visited my home in Dundee.. An extremely intuitive, spiritual lady. We had a great day.

Natalie J Robb

Had the pleasure of reading for Natalie J Robb today at ITV Studios. Great Scottish lassie who is better known as Mrs Dingle from Emmerdale.

Gaynor Faye - Actress

Reading for this lovely lady was an absolute pleasure... No ego whatsoever .. A talented, likeable lady..

Gaynor Faye - Actress

I met Gaynor in Leeds and it was a real pleasure to read for her. She is as happy and bubbly as she looks of the photo.. Great personality. She has played many parts including a long part in Coronation a Street but is now also part of the Emmerdale cast.

My Weekly Magazine - Psychic Celebrity Readings

Read for the lovely Natalie J Robb (aka as Moira Dingle from Emmerdale). It was great to meet her at ITV Studios where she took me into the canteen and I met more of the cast!

Toyah Willcox - Singer/Actress/Writer/ - pop legend!

Another celebrity reading for The My Weekly Magazine. Toyah was lovely and welcoming when I visited her at home.. She is an inspiration to women everywhere. I also met her husband Robert Fripp whilst the and I had the pleasure of having dinner with them both when Toyah visited me in Dundee a few months later.. Lovely people!

Toyah Willcox - Singer/Songwriter/Actress

Had the pleasure of reading for the lovely Toyah at her home.

My Weekly Magazine - Reading for Aggie Mackenzie

Travelled to Aggie's home in London where although she is Scottish she has lived in London for many years.. Had a nice chat, a cup of tea and lunch together.. Lovely scottish lady.

Aggie MacKenzie (

Travelled to Aggie's London home to do a reading for her. I was also spoiled as she made my lunch and we had a lovely chat and a cup of tea... Thanks Aggie.

My Weekly Magazine - Helen Lederer

Had the pleasure of reading for Helen at her London home. She is a very switched on focused lady.. Enjoyed her company.

Helen Lederer - actress/comedienne/author

Had a lovely afternoon reading Helen Lederer at her Home in London. A very kind, intelligent lady.. We had a great chat over some peppermint tea.

Dinner in Dundee with a lovely couple.. Toyah Willcox & Robert Fripp.

Had a very enjoyable day working with Toyah from my home in Dundee, after which her lovely husband Robert Fripp took us out for a lovely dinner.. Wonderful night.

Reading for Charley Webb - Actress

I met Charley in Leeds and had the pleasure of reading for her. She is best known for her long running role in the UK soap Emmerdale.

Gillian Kearney - Actress

Read for Gillian in Leeds. She has had many roles within her acting career including Casualty and is now part of the Emmerdale family. She is a very likable caring lady.

Terry O'neill - Karate Legend/Actor/Author

Had a great catch up in Liverpool after Terry attended my show.. He is a proper gentleman.

Roland Gift / Singer / formerly Fine Young Cannibals

It was a wonderful experience chatting to the talented Roland Gift..

Susan Boyle - Singer

Had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Susan Boyle from "Britain's Got Talent" fame at Glamis Castle in Bonnie Scotland. A lovely Scottish lassie.

Susan Boyle

Susan attended one of my shows and received a contact during the demonstration.. she came backstage to my dressing room to thank me and to say hello after the show... lovely Scottish Lady.

Gene Wilder… I have been a fan since “Willy Wonka” in the 70’s!

Terry O'Neill - Actor/Writer & Karate Legend

Karate legend Terry was one of the most gentle men I have ever met. He has had a hand in helping many well known actors look as if they were experts within martial arts for many movies including Conan The Barbarian, Terminator, Dragonheart to name but a few. He also starred in The Governor and many other movies...and was editor for many years of Fighting Arts Magazine.

Owen Paul, singer/musician/song writer

“Thank you very much for that. That was great. You were bang on when you said I picked up a glass!! within a milllisecond!!! Very good!!.” www.LiverRadio.co.uk invited me to do “live on air” readings for mystery celebrities. I was very lucky to speak to Owen Paul.. He was pleased.. Lovely Scottish guy.

Vicki Gulvanson from “Housewives of Orange County” reality TV show

Had the pleasure of doing a reading for her in Palm Springs California. A lovely lady

I had the pleasure of doing a reading for Claire Sweeney when she visited my home in Dundee, Scotland.

Claire Sweeney and I were first introduced after I did blind celebrity readings live on air for Liver Radio.. Great lady with a vibrant energy.

Owen Paul, Singer/Sonwriter

Met up again at Rewind Consert in Perth, Scotland.. Great show and nice catch up afterwards.

Had the double pleasure of not only doing a reading for the lovely Owen Paul, singer/songwriter but also meeting his lovely family who made me feel very welcome. Thank you Paul.

Actor John Thomson (“Cold Feet”) visited my home in Dundee whilst appearing at The Dundee Rep. Theatre with Claire Sweeney in “September In The Rain” a fantastic play. It was a pleasure to do his reading as he is such a gentle caring man.

Prediction of Claire Sweeney’s baby boy.

Quote “Thanks for a fantastic reading! She’s great. A really good reading. June gave me a brilliant reading live on radio. Some of the facts were so true I was shocked.!!!” Claire Sweeney. Www.LiverRadio.co.uk invited me to do “live on air” readings to mystery celebrities. Claire Sweeney was one of them. A lovely lady who was very pleased with the reading and gave me positive praise. The reading can be heard under June "Live" on my website. Thank you Claire.

With Author Shari Low at the launching of the book written by Shari & Ross King called “Taking Hollywood”

Owen Paul - Singer/Songwriter

Was invited to a Gig in Scotland to watch Owen "Live" and had a fabulous time.. Thanks Owen.

With Ross King at the launching of the novel “Taking Hollywood” written by Ross King & Shari Low.

Annabelle - Singer/Bow Wow Wow

bubbly talented lady..

Ross King invited me to his Hollywood home and his balcony over looked the famous Hollywood sign. A friendly down to earth Scottish gentleman

Editorial Awards 2014 – Dundee, Scotland

A great night had by all.. Caught up again with my friend and fellow Sunday Post columnist Ross King.

With TV personality John Leslie..and believe it or not I was wearing heels!!!

Editorial Awards 2014 – Dundee, Scotland

A fantastic suit worn in fun by Donald Martin Editor of The Sunday Post. What a fabulous fun night it was.

Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldmadn from TV series "The Six Million Dollar Man")

Lovely gentleman who I had the pleasure of seeing in Palm Springs California.

Varun Gandhi (Indian Member of Parliament)

A well mannered very gifted Individual who visited me at my home in Scotland.

Katie Robbins actress/comedian said “I loved what you said, it was very resinant with me, very very interesting indeed! Thank you”www.LiverRadio.co.uk invited me to read celebrities “live on air” and the lovely talented versatile Katie Robbins was one of them… She enjoyed her reading.. T

NTV Japan – 2015 Celebrity Predictions

Surprise reaction at the description of Japanese actress through only a photo.

Rumor, also known as Sarah Joyce “Bless you..June.. thank you.”www.LiverRadio.co.uk invited me to do mystery celebrity readings “live on air” and Rumor who was in California at the time took part.. What a lovely girl with the world at her feet.. Go girl!

I also met and had the pleasure of reading Brianna, Ross King’s lovely lady. A beautiful soul.

Reading for Svetlana Permyakova famous Russian actress after successfully completing one of the tasks…

Reading for famous soap star of Ukraine.. Svetlana.. Lovely kind lady.. You can watch this reading live on my website "live" section on episode 11 of International Battle of the Psychics.

Statement from Uri Geller. “When I was judging The Battle Of The Psychics, June Field really impressed me with the level of her intuitive talents and skills. She is also a real nice person. I believe you will enjoy her presentations.” www.urigeller.com

Blindfolded reading Michelle Merceir

Blindfolded reading for 60's Sex symbol and actress.. The specifics brought her to tears. Can be seen "live" in Episode 1 of the live section on my website of International Battle of the Psychics.

Reading for soap star in Ukraine, Svetlana.

Mel Habor, owner of the legendary Ingleside Inn, Palm Springs, California. An extremely polite, gracious gentleman that I had the pleasure of meeting.

Reading for famous Russian Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova

Did a reading live on camera for this lady.. She didn't like the home truths that STB proved true and was extremely rude to me on film. The live reading can be seen on my website in episode 3 of International Battle of the Psychics under "live"

NTV Japan – 2015 Celebrity Predictions

Vision of hope and encouragement!

NTV Japan – 2015 Celebrity Predictions

Some reactions at my description of them were more of shock than surprise!

NTV Japan – 2015 Celebrity Predictions for TV show “itte q”

A surprised present Imoto after I described her tooth trouble whilst sitting in her energy!

Japanese Celebrity - Chan Kawai from 'ITTEQ' NTV Japan

Fun filming once more for Japanese NTV. We met in Glasgow before they headed up to film in the Hebrides. Lovely people.

NTV Japan – 2015 Celebrity Predictions

The reaction to the description of their personalities through looking at their photos!

NTV Japan – 2015 Celebrity Predictions

Reactions to descriptions of personalities and traits.

NTV Japan – 2015 Predictions for 10 Japanese Celebrities

The moment of truths!

NTV Japan – 2015 Celebrity Predictions

Whilst sitting next to Imoto, I told her of her impacted wisdom tooth that troubled her!

NTV Japan – 2015 Celebrity Predictions

NTV Japan filming outside my home - Imoto Ayako Presenter for the Japanese popular TV show "itte q"

2015 Predictions for NTV Japan – programme “itte q”

NTV Japan predictions 2015

NTV Japan 2015 – Celebrity predictions

The ten Japanese celebrities chosen for me to predict their success rate in 2015 - number 1 being most successful to 10 being the least.

NTV Japan – 2015 Predictions for Japanese Celebrities

Welcoming Imoto Ayako Japanese Presenter into my home to film the 2015 predictions for 10 Japanese celebrities.

Music in the stool after being impressed to play “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven at Liberace’s holiday home at Lake Arrowhead. I was lucky to be allowed in to play the piano.

NTV Japan has arrived in Scotland!!

Famous Russian Popstar

Whilst filming a task for the TV series International Battle of the Psychics we filmed in a Russian Popstar's home.. I was the only one to find her and give her a reading. (Episode 8)

Famous Russian Actress

A reading given through looking at flames activated by voice.. Details of this can be seen on "live" section of my TV shows and Videos.(episode 7)

In LA at High Voltage Tattoo… My big mistake was referring to Kat Von Di as Katmandu!! Oops!

Bernie Price - Bodybuilder

This beautiful soul holds many titles within her sport... World class. Strong but gentle in nature.

Bernie Price - Former Miss Universe.

Bernie is an old evolved soul who will help many, many other souls in times of need. I am very blessed to be a part of her journey.

No 1 Magazine - Part two....

Part Two of the original story in regards to my win in Ukraine and helping police.

Liberace’s holiday home in Lake Arrowhead. I started to play a piece and then was impressed to play “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven and when I had finished and pushed the piano still in, the lid opened and the music to “Moonlight Sonata” was sitting on the top.!! I hadn’t practised so I hope he wasn’t being too critical.

Horse McDonald - Scottish Singer/Singwriter

Lovely afternoon with Horse McDonald when she came to my home for a Private Reading. Looking forward to seeing her perform tonight with her band!

Motherwell Concert Hall

Motherwell Concert Hall, Motherwell, UK May 2017

No.1 Magazine write up. part one,

No 1. magazine did a write up regarding my win in Ukraine and also how Psychics can help the police to catch killers and trace missing people. Most of all it shows people that however tragic a passing might be.. their loved ones are safe in spirit with those they love.