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Jane McDonald

June is pictured above with Jane McDonald/singer when Jane visited her home in Scotland.

June Field - Quoted by media as “Worlds Greatest Psychic” after participating and winning “International Battle of the Psychics” where she battled agains 70,000 Psychics Worldwide to gain the title in a 7 month televised battle in Ukraine which was aired and viewed by 34 million people.

She has amazed audiences with her specific contacts and evidence that our loved ones are still with us.

Uri Geller quoted “She is the most specific Psychic I have seen.”

She has also appeared in their “Psychic Detective” show and described a serial killer in very specific detail who was recently caught. 
He stated that she was 99.9% accurate with his description.

Having been born with the gift of sight she proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that life goes on by allowing loved ones to cross over and connect through her to their loved ones present.

June has read for many celebrities who include Royal Family, Gene Wilder, Diane Ladd, Laura Dern, Connie Stevens, Lainie Kazan, Susan Boyle, Claire Sweeney, John Thomson (Cold Feet), Jane McDonald, Rumor (singer), Gaynor Faye, Toyah, Natalie J Robb (Emmerdale), Aggie Mackenzie (How Clean is Your Home), Vicki Gulvanson (Housewives of Orange County), Ross King, Varun Gandhi (Indian Member of Parliament), Helen Lederer, Owen Paul (Popstar), Leo Sayer, Tony Hadley, Ross King, Charley Webb, Tony Christie, and many others seen on the website.


May 3rd, 2025 @ 4:30 pm

Private Readings are available by appt. in London. Please make contact through website to request/schedule an appt. Private Readings cost £325


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Reading Deposit - £175